What there is to know about the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, with Apple releasing new versions each year. In this article, we will explore what we know about the iPhone 15 Pro, including its expected release date, rumoured features, and possible changes to its design.

Release Date and Pricing

Anticipated to be released in September 2023, the iPhone 15 Pro has some exciting new changes that will likely tempt iPhone users with older models to upgrade, as long as the suspected increase in price doesn’t put them off. Seeing as the launch for the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro were both in September, the estimated launch date has been guessed to be around the 22nd of September. There is also a rumour that the price will jump up by an additional £100 (or some sources even suggest a 20% price increase), which would push the price well over the £1,000 mark. There isn’t any information available yet about pre-order availability or promotions, but we’ll all hear more about that in the lead-up to Apple’s event.

Design Changes

There are claims that all of the iPhone 15 models will have Dynamic Island, which is a feature that displays content running in the background such as timers, music controls and interactions. The 6.1 inch form factor is unlikely to change, as this is a time-tested and well-loved screen size, and the OLED tech will likely stay the same too. Some supposedly leaked images of the iPhone 15 range suggest that this model might return to the rounded edged screen. It is also rumoured to have a lighter weight titanium frame, which will resist scratches and fingerprint marks better. Instead of the mute switch, there might be a new, programmable action button. Overall, it will probably look quite similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, but with some sleek new features to improve the user experience.

Camera and Display 

There are many different rumours around changes to the camera, which is exciting considering that the iPhone 14 Pro camera already ranks as one of the best available on the market. There’s a lot of uncertainty about whether the big changes will be applied to the iPhone 15 Pro release, or whether they’ll be incorporated into the iPhone 16 Pro instead. Some of the changes discussed include using Sony’s new “state of the art” sensor for the main camera, a new triple rear camera system and a telephoto lens technology, although the new periscope lens (with 5x to 6x optical zoom) seems like it will be reserved for the iPhone Pro Max. There might also be 8K video recording available on this model. This all might result in less automatic sharpening than older models, along with better exposure control.

Processor and Battery Life

The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to run on the first 3nm chip available in the industry – a brand new chip called the Apple A17 Bionic. Rumours are that it will drastically improve performance, as well as providing a 35% improvement to power efficiency. The RAM will be increased to 8GB, and the storage options will remain the same as older iPhone models (128GB, 256/512GB and 1TB). Although Apple is in the process of developing its own wireless modems, it seems like this model will be using Qualcomm’s X70 modem. The battery might not end up being bigger in the iPhone 15 Pro, but it seems like the battery life should last longer per change than previous models thanks to the potential new 3nm A17 Bionic chip.

Other Rumoured Features

Perhaps the most exciting new feature of the iPhone 15 Pro is the lightning port being retired in favour of USB-C. This will mean fewer annoying cables for iPhone users, as well as potentially faster data transfer speeds and faster charging. The SIM card tray may be removed in more countries. This model is expected to be running Apple’s newest iOS17 software, with associated changes to apps such as iMessage and the Wallet and Health app, as well as a new journaling app. The iPhone 15 Pro will also boast Wifi 6E, offering faster connectivity and capacity, lower latency and more bandwidth than older models. These changes will make this iPhone model perfect for using your favourite shopping apps like ASOS, streaming on twitch, reading reviews on Platinplay, and staying in touch with friends through social media like Instagram. Alongside software upgrades, such as iOS 17 and new app features, the device’s advanced camera system, powerful processor, and possible display enhancements further enhance its appeal for capturing moments, seamless performance, and immersive viewing.


There will likely be lots more speculations and leaks in the lead up to September, but at this stage the iPhone 15 Pro is looking to be a powerhouse of useful upgrades and features! Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest news about this model.

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