ASUS Waveface Ultra is the Bracelet Watchphone That Rocked CES 2010

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There haven’t been too many concept handsets to gaze at during CES 2010, but one of the impressive devices was the ASUS Waveface Ultra, a bracelet watchphone pictured below. Waveface is in fact a series of concept devices, created by ASUS and including the Waveface Casa TV, the Waveface Light, a touch tablet and the Waveface Ultra watchphone.


ASUS Waveface Ultra is a wearable cellphone concept that can be worn around the wrist, just like a bracelet. This device is a pretty trendy accessory and it uses a flexible OLED display, being also based on gesture control and touch interface.

There’s also a cloud system supposed to work both with the watchphone and the tablet pictured below, that also features a flexible display. All of these devices, even the Casa TV, are able to access documents and all sorts of content via the platform setup by ASUS. A brilliant idea that we’ll hopefully see turned into reality, soon!






[via The Design Blog and Electric Pig]