Ancel Lim Designs the Arvo Tab 10.1 Tablet With Obsidian Processor

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It appears that designs feel that they can go past the regular brands, past Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Sony and create their own brands. After Jermaine Smit and his Hold JS brand, designer Ancel Lim has come up with the Arvo. This brand includes the Arvo Tab 10.1 concept tablet, that’s shown below.

arvo tablet concept 2

The designer says that he wants the Arvo to compete with Jermaine Smit’s Hold JS tablets, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. The specs include a 10.1 inch 2560 x 1600 pixel display, an Arvo processor, the Obsidian, that offers some pretty kickass specs. It’s a quad core ARM Cortex A57, with a PowerVR GX6650 GPU and supports up to 4K playback. There’s another setup version, with a quad core ARM Cortex A53 processor and MAli T760 GPU.

The second version only offers 2K playback. The SD card on this tablet concept offers up to 128 GB of extra storage and other specs include a 16 megapixel camera at the back and a front 8 megapixel shooter. The screen is an IPS and we’ve also got USB 3.0 technology, among others. To me, this tablet has a slight HTC vibe, since I’ve seen an older HTC tablet render that looked like this. It also looks like an ASUS, which is a pretty basic design.

arvo tablet concept 1

arvo tablet concept processor obsidian

[Thanks Ancel Lim]

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