Blackberry Odyssey is a Clean and Simple Concept

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Designer Raffi G has imagined a new design direction for a Blackberry concept phone and came up with Odyssey, shown below. This model has a 5.5 inch display and a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, plus a very interesting back side texture.

blackberry odyssey concept

It’s a dotted pattern, that feels like denim and we seem to get a pretty rigid metal camera area at the back, too. Upfront we’ve got a badass looking speaking, that apparently can light up in a variety of colors. However, I’d associate lighting patterns of this sort to music phones rather than a serious business phone. The top front side of the model has very slim bezels and a minimalistic earpiece, covered with a metal grille.

For some reason I feel a bit of Sony here, or better said Sony Ericsson, although I can’t exactly tell where that’s coming from. Since Blackberry is bold enough to try new formats, they may as well play with a music phone, a bright red on like this one, with a denim pattern. What do you say? By the way, the back may not be denim, but rather “red tinted carbon weave”.

[via Crackberry]

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