BlackBerry L is a Square Phone With a Sliding Keyboard; Looks Stylish

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Just when you think that BlackBerry is dead, they’re back with something new and try to stay alive. Today we got whiff of a new render under this brand, the BlackBerry L concept model shown below. This device was envisioned by Andrew Zhilin and it’s actually nice looking.

BlackBerry L concept 7

It adopts a square format and integrates a sliding part below the display section. The device has a very solid 4 row keyboard, with a special one dedicated to the space key, uppercase and shift for example. It’s also nice to see that there are dual speakers at the top of the device and that the camera is discretely integrated into the back. Ports are on the side and the whole display part is able to rotate around the keyboard part apparently.

This seems like a very pocketable device, one that could appeal to youngsters, especially because it’s thin and cool enough, unlike the huge BlackBerry Passport. Just look at how beautiful the camera area is and how well thought the facade is. Everyone of us likes the concept of sliding a device part, preferably the keyboard, let’s face it. It’s the satisfaction of sliding the phone when you’re done with your work on it…

BlackBerry L concept 6

BlackBerry L concept 5

BlackBerry L concept 4

BlackBerry L concept 3

BlackBerry L concept 2

[via Behance]

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