iPhone 6 Rendered in Virtual Apple Store With iBeats Headphones Bundled

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For Martin Hajek it’s already September 9th, the date when the iPhone 6 is rumored to be launched. After checking out his beautiful render of the iPhone 6 packaging and box, it’s time to imagine the device in the Apple Store, bundled with iBeats headphones.

iPhone 6 Apple Store 1 ibeats

The iBeats headphones are basically the Beats ones with the Apple logo on them and some very nice looking side controls. Meanwhile, the 4.7 inch iPhone is shown on a special pedestal, that’s sloped and made transparent and bright. It sits with an iPad at the base, showing details about the device and about the iOS 8 features. We are very curious to see what will happen to the EarPods, now that the Beats experience is part of Apple.

Anyway, the iPhone 6 has already invaded media a lot, so it doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. It’s supposed to move the On/Off button to the side, have more rounded edges, a bigger screen, elongated volume buttons and possibly a plastic area at the top and bottom of the back. I have a challenge for iPhone 6 makers: can we see one with iOS 8 fired up on the screen?

Apple iBeats concept 2

Apple iBeats concept 1

iPhone 6 Apple Store 1

iPhone 6 Apple Store 2

iPhone 6 Apple Store 3

iPhone 6 Apple Store 4

[via Martin Hajek]

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