iPhone 6 Gets Unboxed by Martin Hajek… in Renders

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Martin Hajek has seen the future, through his renders and it points towards an iPhone 6 looking like the one below. He even imagined the packaging and the unboxing experience, featuring a case with a transparent plastic cover (or is it glass?).

iPhone 6 unboxing Martin Hajek 1

Inside we find EarPods still, not iBeats or something like and the charger has changed shape a bit. The USB/Lightning cable is the same and everything is set in a compact way inside. There’s something about the way that the cord of the USB cable is set that doesn’t feel like Apple to me. They like to have everything perfectly curved, shaped or straightened out, usually. The back of the iPhone 6 box looks like a phone itself and it’s very rounded.

It kind of feels like the shells that HTC used for a while on the One X, One S and other such devices. They looked like bigger eggshells and had a cheap cardboard vibe to them. I honestly can’t say if Apple is ready to move away from their plastic and cardboard box to glossy plastic and transparent materials. The iPhone 6 shown here is also designed by Martin Hajek and it comes with very narrow screen edges and elongated volume buttons.

What do you think of the unboxing?

iPhone 6 unboxing Martin Hajek 2

iPhone 6 unboxing Martin Hajek 3

iPhone 6 unboxing Martin Hajek 4

iPhone 6 unboxing Martin Hajek 5

iPhone 6 unboxing Martin Hajek 6

iPhone 6 unboxing Martin Hajek 7

iPhone 6 unboxing Martin Hajek 8

[via Martin Hajek]

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