BlackBerry Strong is an Alternative to the Passport Model

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Deviantart member Timblaer has done it again, creating a new BlackBerry concept called BlackBery Strong. This model is supposed to be a slider, which is a much smarter approach than the one BlackBerry supposedly took with the Passport model, that has been leaked on the web.

blackberry strong concept 1

BlackBerry Strong is a QWERTY slider smartphone with a preinstalled BlackBerry Office and enhanced security. BlackBerry OS 10.3 is installed here, as a more powerful version of the previous BB OS platforms, with a new UI and new features. The keyboard shown here lets the user improve his typing speed and it’s supposed to be the best QWERTY keyboard ever made. This BlackBerry concept looks hot even with the slider part pulled.

I can see there’s a pretty good camera at the back and from what I know BlackBerry now lets Android apps run on its devices, so this may be one of them. The screen complements the QWERTY keyboard with a Search button, camera button, phone call feature and probably a numeric pad, supporting the QWERTY.

blackberry strong concept 2

[via Deviantart]

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