Phone Designer Creates Nokia Lumia 330, the Nokia X With Windows Phone

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As you know, in the same period that Microsoft fired 12.000 people taken over from Nokia, they also killed the Nokia X devices and all Android projects. That’s why designer Jonas Daehnert tried to imagine how a Nokia X would look with Windows Phone on board.

lumia 330 concept 5

This model, the Nokia Lumia 330 concept is a combo of Asha, low end Lumia and Nokia X, as you can see. The price tag is supposed to be under $40 and this model measures 9.6 mm in thickness and it offers a 500 x 240 pixel resolution. It has a front camera, a replaceable battery, expandable storage and what seems to be a pretty crisp screen. I’m guessing the diagonal is around 4 inches and we get 512 MB of RAM or 1 GB inside.

The case is made of plastic and we seem to be getting dual SIM slots, on screen Windows Phone buttons and a microUSB port and audio jack at the bottom. The back speaker is huge, so I expect a lot of decibels from this lower end smartphone. Or maybe I’m wrong and that’s not a speaker at all, but rather a grippy area, that lets you remove the case more easily. I see some holes at the bottom, so the speaker could be there in the end.

lumia 330 concept 1

lumia 330 concept 2

lumia 330 concept 3

lumia 330 concept 4

lumia 330 concept 6

lumia 330 concept 7

[via Phone Designer]

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  • truthy

    I’m not ashamed at all to say I want one of these SOOOO bad. Why do big bricky phones like this appeal to me so much?!?!?!?

  • Wesley Files

    This really captures Nokia stylings of their past phones. When processor performance hits a ceiling for apps, I really hope we see great, small phones come back.

    I’d definitely buy one with this design.