Ching Phone is Chinese Bling

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I have to admit that at first glance, the Ching Phone didn’t impress me… Quite on the contrary, it almost made me ignore it, but after finding out what it does and what it symbolises, things changed. The handset was part of a design competition in Hong Kong and it belongs to designer Jason. Don’t mistake this for a cellphone, as it’s an indoor wireless phone, which we’ll look into after the break.


Its design is all about ergonomics, fitting the user’s face and using “ancient Chinese window grilles” as its main theme. What impressed me the most is the fact that this design keeps the phone cool and makes it easier to hold against the user’s face for a long time. How many times have you had sweaty palms or an aching ear, after chatting on the indoor phone for hours?

The Ching concept phone includes a hands-free speaker, a touch control button and uses a hook in order to charge or hang up on the wall.




[via Cell Phone Beat]