Windows Mobile Phone Concept Is Neat, Should Feature Android OS

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This is not the first time that David Turpin designs a Windows Mobile phone, and his previous attempt featured a similar look. However, what’s surprising is that hot QWERTY keypad, packed in such a slim body. This device could easily compete with the XPERIA X1 and T-Mobile G1, but only in case those flat keys offer some sort of feedback.

I cannot help but wonder how Android OS would look like on Turpin’s concept phone… What do you think?



  • Surur

    Why would I want to to use an OS which cant even record videos?

  • Thrystan

    Android is at its start, so support for every basic function is coming, right?

  • Surur

    “Android is at its start, so support for every basic function is coming, right?”

    or to put it less optimistically

    “Android is at its start, so it doesnt support many basic functions.”

    So this phone should have android, which is immature and lacks many basic functions? Not a great selling point.

  • Edward Campbell

    I would love to own this phone if it were running android. Its beautiful, the form factor is very thing, full qwerty keyboard, large color display, and what looks like a forward looking camera for voip calls. I can only assume it to be quad band, gps enabled, wifi, laptop tethering, and bluetooth as well. I would easily spend $1000 on this as a christmas present for myself.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed this phone comes to pass! Come on Google, get your game together! Listen to your customers.