Chronos Leather Smartwatch Mixes Metal, Leather and Style

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Deviantart user Ibolzurikato (David Quijada) has rendered a brand new smartwatch, that mixes up leather and metal, plus a small display. There’s stitching on the sides, metal on the edges and a tiny display at the center.

chronos smartwatch leather

I’m not sure how comfortable the buttons will be and seeing how small the display is, something tells me it’s not a touchscreen. We have seen a lot of concepts from this designer, most of them unusual and most of them handsets, with very narrow frames. Combining leather and metal is not a bad idea, but may he should have integrated the entire display within the band, somehow.

This is still a pretty nice device, a fashion accessory more than a fitness one, since leather probably gets harmed by sweat. Let’s face it, Samsung is the one that brought stitches back with the back of the Galaxy Note 3 and they weren’t even real stitches. They may not be cool nowadays, but they’re present because of Samsung one way or another. This is not the best smartwatch I’ve seen, but also not the worst.

[Via Deviantart]

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