Concept Mobile Phone by Jay Mothreja Has a Tweaked Android Lollipop Experience

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Today’s concept phone is created by Jay Mothreja and it’s a rather generic-looking affair, with the only points of interest being the main camera and the UI. Created using Autodesk Maya, the device looks like this.


It has Gorilla Glass protection, a 10 megapixel front camera and a 25 megapixel main cam. Android Lollipop seems to adopt a fresh UI, according to the designer, with an experience that reminds me of the Remix OS a bit. Now it’s time for some speculation. I speculate that the device has a metal shell and that the camera brings a ring of LED flashes, otherwise there’s no way of integrating the flash on board.

Virtual touch buttons are included as part of the UI and the whole body seems to be quite massive by current standards. Bezels are also quite big. I’d see this phone as maybe a Motorola Moto G rival or something superior to it, below the Moto Z. At least it has an audio jack…

[via Behance]

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