Dual Screen Smartphone Concept May Well be a Prediction for the YotaPhone 4

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If you ask me to imagine a dual screen phone, the YotaPhone is among the first that comes to mind, since it has a screen upfront and an E Ink one at the back. Now, as we prepare for the Russian phone’s next generation, a concept appears, which may well be a template for the YotaPhone 4.


Created by designer Ameilia Christina, the smartphone has a dual screen and for some reason runs Windows 10 Mobile. The format reminds me of the Acer Liquid Jade Primo, because it’s very rounded and has a chromed edge of sorts. A strange aspect is that there are Android virtual buttons at the screen, in spite of having Windows tiles on the screen. Is this a sign that we’re dealing with a dual OS phone?


The back seems to feature an E Ink screen, which would use very little power and the indication of Saint Petersburg in the weather widget area is a good hint regarding the YotaPhone identity of the project. And in other news, strange to see there’s a regular microUSB port here, not an USB Type C. If the YotaPhone 4 looks like this and it’s priced decently, it may have a shot…




[via Behance]

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