The Four Concept Tablet Has an Edge to Edge Display, Can be Used as Digital Painting

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Marko Vuckovic created a very interesting tablet concept called the The Four, a multitouch AMOLED slate that measures 145 x 235 mm and it can be hung on a wall to serve as a digital painting. Notice that lack of bezels on this beauty, making me believe it’s an edge to edge screen affair.

The device shows weather forecasts, natural ambience and also has a travel option, allowing you to plan your flights and bus schedules, for examples. I consider this to be some sort of a photo frame with upgraded features, that include multimedia playback, beautiful 3D effects in the weather area and what looks like a very comfortable to use virtual keyboard. If they add voice command to the device you’d create a Dorian Gray experience, since you’ll be talking to the painting on the wall.

A tablet like this doesn’t even need much of a CPU or any fancy specs, since the originality of the design and the main photo frame feature are reason enough to buy it. It can also be marketed as a luxury product, since people with an Amazon Kindle Fire or iPad won’t feel the need to buy such a device. Interesting concept, that’s for sure!

[via Tablet News & Yanko Design]