Foldable Phone Looks Like Edge to Edge HTC Material

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I’ve just come across the work of Max Borhof, a designer from Germany who imagined a foldable phone. The thing is that this handset looks very much like a HTC device with an edge to edge display and a great length of the case. Imagine a Galaxy Note rival that’s able to fold and become more compact…

Also imagine that this phone has a thickness of 7.5 mm and an edge to edge 1080p display. These are all speculations, but they certainly fit this interesting idea. The way this device opens up after being folded may remind you of a makeup kit, if you want a comparison. Max Borhof bases his foldable phone concept of the future future technologies involving ultra flexible screens. I guess that the main achievement here is the edge to edge screen that’s also without a hinge in the area where it flexes.

There’s also a very interesting dock area on the screen, part of what looks like the HTC Sense experience of the future. Interesting way to integrated the call and end call virtual keys, although it takes up quite a bit of screen space. Till now I was used with Samsung, Sony and even Nokia to be associated with flexible phones, but now there’s a minor chance that HTC might pick this idea up some day…

[via Coroflot]