New Concept Watch: IWC Schaffhausen is a New Classy Smartwatch

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After an avalanche of iWatch concepts, today we stumble upon something different: another smartwatch render, this time with an unnamed OS. It could be a flavour of Android Wear, maybe some version of Tizen, or maybe something completely new.


This concept, just like the iRolex combines the chronograph with the digital watch and it does so in a very minimalistic way. This watch was rendered by Deviantart user Devler and I’m guessing the chronograph piece is only for show, an image displayed on the device’s circular screen. We get a very simple music player, the ability to take calls or reject them and obviously watch features.

I can see a nice looking leather belt strapped to the metal body of the device and the trademark rotating triggers associated to the chronograph. Would this sell better than the iWatch? I should probably mention that this design is not very far from the Moto 360 by the way.

[via Deviantart]

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