Copylight Cellphone Leaks… Literally, When You Get a Call

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Want a handset that really pulls out all possible stunts to let you know that you’re getting a call? Forget the acoustic signals, vibrations or any other tactile notification, because now Sang-Hoon Lee created a more original way of informing you about a call.

The handset below, called the Copylight concept phone is the one to sport the new technology.


This device allows a flow of light to leak out like water, either inside the pocket of the user or on surfaces, in order to let him know that he’s got an incoming call. It’ll be quite funny to see people with their clothes “leaked on”, by various colours of light, thanks to the Copylight phone.

An interesting idea, with a huge potential for pranksters and a great tool to use at parties or in night clubs.



[via The Design Blog]