Crescent Supernova, the Most Beautiful Android Ice Cream Sandwich Phone I’ve Seen

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Jonathan De Jesus is already a regular here, with quite a bunch of concept smartphones shown to us, under the Crescent brand. This time he unveils to us the Crescent Supernova, a splendid Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phone with a 4.8 inch height and 4.6 inch Super AMOLED HD display. This one is a 1080p screen, so it’s a big evolution even compared to the likes of the Galaxy Nexus.

The Crescent Supernova comes with an 18 megapixel camera, a 1GHz Snapdragon S3 processor (dual core) and 600 MB of memory. There’s also 100GB of internal storage, the latest in Bluetooth technology and everything works wirelessly, including charging, headphones and transfer/syncing (done via WiFi). There’s an extra LCD display at the back, as shown below and this area is used to display battery power, switch camera view when taking pics and also show some status details of the handset’s functioning.

This seems to be a very thin and rectangular device, an unusual form factor for today’s wide smartphones. I see it as an evolved, elegant Ice Cream Sandwich device of the year 2012 and maybe something that Motorola, HTC or Samsung would make. For now the work belongs to Jonathan De Jesus, who did a wonderful job! The only thing I must mention is that I think the Power button is a bit too close to the inferior edge of the handset. Otherwise, the design is pefect! What do you think?

  • Logan

    I think it’s very fantastic work done to make a such a wonderful device on android. So when it’s coming to market for sale. Design is absolutely perfect in accordance with people demanding out in this telecommunication world. But what about windows phone, I think u should better work on that too to make such a elegant piece of art. Good job!!!

  • Ken


  • Bill

    I agree with Logan, beautiful design. Who the hell gave it 3 stars in the first place? Probably some Nokia/Apple/Windows fanboy.

    I’ve noticed a lot of folks on here donwgrading people’s hard work by giving 1 or 3 stars, it ain’t funny and I’d like to see those who gave 1 star try and do something better. Just because you have a preference of a platform doesn’t mean you just down rate someone.

  • Asher Pat

    Finally, after so many years someone notices that horizontal-to-vertical smartphones have to have the screen equidistant (ie in the middle) in landscape mode.

    Apple have been ddoing it from the first iPhone, but only a few desingers (and companies) have been giving it any attention. and by the way, I am not an Apple fanboy, will not be seen dead with a iThing.

  • John

    U mad Bro? Calm down, it’s everyone’s choice, don’t cry about people rating phones.

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  • Bill

    @ John, am I mad? No, people have a choice but what ‘some’ like to do is to intentionally give the creator 1 star over a realistic effort. What people don’t seem to understand on here is that it’s not always about the number of megapixels or how small the phone is but what’s inside its guts in a realistic form. Plus you shouldn’t tell me to calm down, it’s freedom of speech.

  • hey guys, thank you for the words, and I do appreciate everyone’s feedback weather it is negative or positive, I’ve accept the fact that we live in a world were everyone will not see things the same as others and therefore they will not like something other people like. so just thank you guys for having your own opinions. Crescent is A start up and I really want to be a public funded company instead of relying on big bank and the government, i want the people to be able to invest in this and also make money off of it, that way we all can be rich and happy. so please go on my crescent page on facebook and like the page and even make suggestions, I am glad you guys love the design. I cant wait to show ya the Crescent UFO!.

  • oh and hope ya liked the Crescent Moon also.

  • Omid.Kh

    What is the name of this mobile?
    Which site and give the order?

  • MotherVessel

    I really like the design – love the infinity pool style screen,. Particualrly interested in your concept of marketing this phone though.
    I also review phones for accessibility for visually impaired and older users (still largely untapped market). If anyone has got anything they want to lend me give me a shout.

  • Jonathan De Jesus

    thanks mother vessel, right now tho this is just a concept phone, it has been hard to get funding for the phone, hopefully by next year i can have a prototype and we can talk more bout marketing