Curvy is One of the Best Looking Multimedia-Oriented Phones Ever

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Created by designer Yong Hwan Kwon from USA, the Curvy Phone is one of the best looking handsets without a big brand slapped onto it I’ve seen over the past year. Its core? Curved screen technology and a change in the way we interact with the handset.

Curvy phone concept 1

A book with tabs was the inspiration for the smartphone and the whole idea here is to create spatial depth in an image. From what I can see it’s a “screen within a screen experience” and the speakers are quite generous upfront. We also get a special lighting system, that colors the sides of the handset with a special hue, depending on the functionality we’re using.

Curvy phone concept 2

For some reason this phone seems to be running Windows Phone, although some its renders feel a lot like Android is on board. There’s a ridge on the sides of the smartphone, leaving room for both the lighting system and a better grip in your hand. The back of the Curvy phone feels like a bit of a throwback to the Galaxy Note and maybe some Vertu phones, with that big metal stripe all along the back.

From what I can see the designer was also kind enough to integrate a Xenon flash at the back. So overall, Curvy is not only a looker, but also an interesting approach to interaction, with its overlapping in depth menus.

Curvy phone concept 3

Curvy phone concept 4

Curvy phone concept 5

Curvy phone concept 6

[via Behance]

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