Darth Vader Phone is Surely Epic, a Bit Misunderstood

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The Darth Vader Phone is one unique piece of work that’s for sure, but it’s also that kind of handset that has you flipping the screen, wondering which side is up, which is down and other such existential questions. This is the creation of designer Jing Bai, from China.

Darth Vader concept phone  (1)

One thing I noticed here was the huge attention to details. Keep in mind this phone is not just tailored after the famous villain from Star Wars, but actually meant FOR him, to use on his Death Star. The device clips to Vader’s belt along with the lightsaber. It has a round screen that can be taken off, so a hidden light saber can be activated, so it also works as a weapon.

Darth Vader concept phone  (2)

The designer also envisioned a radiator installed to make sure there’s no overheating here. If you ask me, the inspiration here comes from race cars and fashionable electric razors. The angle of the screen is a bit weird, but I’m sure it’s adjustable. I’d call this the most original concept phone of 2016.  The badass black metal will surely get a few fans.

Darth Vader concept phone  (3)

Darth Vader concept phone  (4)

[via Behance]

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