Drone Phone Selfie Concept Shows Some People Would Do Anything for a Perfect Selfie (Video)

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I’m not surprised there are selfies taken with drones, that video bloggers are using them or that there was an adult film shot with a drone. What I’m surprised with is the fact that people feel the need to combine a drone and a phone… The result may well look like the one below.


This is the creation of TechDesigns in cooperation with Alex Bernstein and somehow sounds… plausible. I mean if you can envision a mini drone coming out the top of your phone, that is. It carries with it a rotating selfie camera and can hover above your head and take shots of you speaking on the phone… what else? The problem is that such gear would take a lot of room inside the phone and the void that remains behind would amke the device look and feel weird.


Still, I have to admit I haven’t seen many mini drones lately, so the drone itself is rather impressive. I could envision a collection of modular drones, some being able to add extra components, like RAM, memory and joysticks. Now imagine sending those little buggers to film a concert. Nice, right?

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[via TechDesigns]

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