Elegant Concept Phone With Dotted Back Envisioned by Djamil Azzouz and Reda Tafza

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It’s annoying when I have to cover a good looking concept phone that doesn’t have a famous brand attached, so it can’t get all the hype it deserves. I also resent designers who make a great concept phone, but don’t give it a badass name. This design was created by Djamil Azzouz and Reda Tafza.

August 2016 concept phone dotted back 2

The concept phone was done in Cinema 4D, V-Ray and Photoshop. It’s interesting because the phone doesn’t feel like a typical HTC, Xiaomi, Meizu or Huawei, but rather something different. I dare to say it feels a bit like a Motorola Droid. Anyway, the set of headphones reminds me of the HTC Sensation headphones, if you remember those, while the facade and metal frame have a slight iPhone 4 vibe.

August 2016 concept phone dotted back 3

The dotted back has a texture like rubber, or maybe a special type of polycarbonate? The metal frame is slim and rounded, while the minim UI with big icons feels like something you’d find on an LG Prada Phone. Well done! I particularly like the headphones to be honest. What name would you propose for this model?

August 2016 concept phone dotted back 1

August 2016 concept phone dotted back 4

[via Behance]

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