Elephone S8 Wants to Surpass the Beauty of the Xiaomi Mi MIX, Mixing in Some Galaxy S7 Edge Elements

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It seems that every phone maker out there is set out to surpass the Sharp Aquos Crystal X and the Xiaomi Mi MIX, that are current landmarks, when it comes to the beauty of handsets. We’ve got the Xiaomi concept from yesterday and today we’ve found the Elephone S8, which has been teased in the pictures below.


It would appear we’re getting a Xiaomi Mi MIX and Galaxy S7 Edge hybrid. We get curved edges at the front and back, plus a very high screen to body ratio, maybe higher than on the Xiaomi Mi MIX. Basically, only the bottom side gets a proper bezel at the front. The body doesn’t seem to be made of ceramic, but that’s guesswork right now.


We also get a dual back camera, that’s been blurred for the sake of mystery. Elephone S8 is going to have a new type of scanner, according to its maker, plus a deca core CPU and 6 GB of RAM. Expect an incredible price here and maybe a glass and metal case.

[via Mobilissimo.ro]

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