Flx Phone Design Uses a Detachable Bluetooth unit

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Wenhing Chu & Michael Toh created the Flx concept phone based on “the principle pf mechatronics”. This involves a minimalist design and a detachable Bluetooth headset, as well as a 4:3 AMOLED touchscreen display. There’s also a menu launcher and gesture panel in the mix.

Flx works both in landscape and in portrait mode and it come swith Carl Zeiss camera technology, plus a sliding rear panel. Relying on a deep Piano Black and Brushed Metal finish, this classy phone is both high tech and modern, plus very elegant. You can slide down the rear panel and flip it to 90 degrees in order to create a stand for the handset, improving media viewing.

Multimedia experience is the emphasis here, with the FLX transforming between landscape and portrait mode, using an orientation sensor. The device responds to movement by orientating the display according to the situation and the experience of media playback. The stereo earbuds come with a ringer indicator that lights up in red. I’d see HTC creating such a device to be honest…

[via Yanko Design]