This is How You Make a Foldable/Bendable Phone: Hexagon Wavy 2 Concept

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I sure hope designer Seraphan85 is not upset because I chopped up his beautiful collage of the foldable phone Hexagon Wavy 2 and divided it into the beautiful images below. After seeing flexible Samsung phones and all sorts of concepts and prototypes with foldable screens, I have to say that the device below is actually a good idea.

Hexagon Wavy 2 concept 2

That’s the way you make a bendable smartphone, while keeping it sexy. This looks like a triple folding model and the designer claims he used Blender 2.70 and Cycles to create it. The texture was made with Inkscape and the finishing touches with Gimp. When completely folded, the device s a bit thick and curved, but when opened up it’s like a Nokia Communicator from the sci fi future.

Hexagon Wavy 2 concept 3

Its curved keyboard has a steampunk typewriter vibe and all 3 folding parts are curved and snap into place perfectly. Controls seem to be contextual and the keyboard can be replaced with virtual thumbsticks and the likes when gaming. You can use one of the foldable areas as the screen, or even two if you want. The camera is placed on the back of the main body part and it’s huge. There’s even a kickstand to prop up the resulting huge display when 2 parts are involved.

Brilliant design!

Hexagon Wavy 2 concept 4

Hexagon Wavy 2 concept 5

Hexagon Wavy 2 concept 1

[via Deviantart]

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