Sony Xperia Nexus Runs Android L, Rendered by Adam Safranek

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A brand new Sony Xperia Nexus concept has been sent to us by Adam Safranek, who rendered it as a rectangular flagship smartphone with Android L on board. The design is your typical predictable rectangular affair, with ultraslim edges and a centered back camera.

xperia nexus android L

We get very discrete buttons, that seem to have the same size all over the device. This model is a bit wider than the usual Xperia handsets and it relies on virtual Android buttons that adopt the new shapes associated with Android L. We have no specs for this model, but we can speculate it comes with a 20+ megapixel camera, with LED flash, a 5.2 inch 2K display and 3 GB of RAM.

We also have 32 GB of storage here, 4G LTE and the back side doesn’t seem made of glass this time. We’re dealing with a matte surface here, maybe soft touch in typical Nexus fashion. The Xperia Nexus is pretty thin, but overall it’s pretty predictable. In case the diagonal is too big, this model may not be very comfy to hold, actually. Every time I see an Xperia, I tend to believe it’s not comfy, because of the straight edges and how they “cut” into your palm.

[via Deviantart]

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