FS Echo Phone Concept is an Award Winning Smartphone, Winner of the IDA 2014 Design Award

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Created by Faisal Semari, the FS Echo Phone concept is so original and innovative that it got the gold prize for international design, in Los Angeles. The price was the IDA 2014 one and the device can be seen below.

FS Echo phone concept 1

The jury had examined over 1000 entries submitted by architects and designers from all over the world, covering fields like interior design, fashion, products and graphics. The winner was the FS Echo phone, a model that is meant to be both light and aesthetically pleasing. The design inspiration is apparently the shape of the human ear, turned into a more abstract format.

FS Echo phone concept 2

The “nature of our planet” is quoted as an inspiration by the designer and the Echo Phone is designed to be easy to handle when held or when carried onto the ear. It’s got a balanced weight and uses precious materials like sapphire glass, gold, silver aluminum and black leather. The handset measures 5X 8.5 CM and the hanger part comes in two sizes: thick and thin.

It can be rotated at 360 degrees and the hanger can be placed on both sides of the device. This is one revolutionary device, maybe ahead of its time.

FS Echo phone concept 3

FS Echo phone concept 4

FS Echo phone concept 5

FS Echo phone concept 6

FS Echo phone concept 7

FS Echo phone concept 8

[via Behance]

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