Samsung Ativ 4K is a Laptop With a Curved UHD Screen

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We usually check out smartphones or tablet concepts, but today we come across a beautiful curved laptop. It feels like an Alienware or ASUS ROG machine, but it’s in fact a Samsung.

samsung ativ

It’s made by designer Metti and it comes with a special curved 4K display. The Samsung Ativ 4K is one powerhouse of a laptop, but the screen resolution is a bit overkill, unless you plan to do some 4K video editing. The device is slim and comes a HDMI port or two, a pretty small touchpad and some blue lit keys, if I’m seeing it correctly.

Samsung Ativ 4K has small bezels and I spot one caveat from the start. How will the lid close if it’s curved? If the whole case is curved, this makes the device harder to carry around, unless it has a special suitcase… not case. I wonder if the curve also becomes a straight line, like in the case of the Samsung bendable TV sets…

[via Metti]

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