GoPro Phone Concept May Actually Happen Some Day

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When we’re not covering LG fashion phones, Galaxy Note 9 concepts or other such devices, we dream about the new brands that have yet to tackle phones. One example is GoPro, that makes arguably the best action cameras, but they may get into phones some day. Today we have a proposal of such a GoPro Phone Concept.

Rendered by Tejas Pawar, this phone is envisioned using SolidWorks and Keyshot. It has a GIGANTIC back camera area, basically a whole GoPro cam integrated in that bit. The screen sits below the top surface, so in case the smartphone falls by accident, the risen sides will absorb all impact and protect the display. The glass is also the most durable available and we’ve got advanced face recognition here, plus an easy record button, that starts recording video once you do a single press.

The main camera has a big wide angel lens and below it we find a telephoto camera. In order to protect the device, there’s a special urethane skin with extra protection from sea water. If you want to know about resolutions, the main cam is a 16 MP one and the front cam is a 16 MP one too. The screen sounds like a Google Pixel material: 18.9 5.8 inch AMOLED.

Lens modularity is also in the mix, although it’s not detailed. Even though this device is promoted as rugged, there’s something about it that makes it feel fragile. It’s probably how exposed the back camera lens looks. Still, I’d see this happening.

[via Behance]

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