BlackBerry Edge One Concept Makes the BlackBerry Edgier

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One thing you don’t see leaking often these days is a new BlackBerry phone, but it’s coming for sure. After all BB has a press conference scheduled for CES 2018 next week, where they may show us something. Till that happens we’ve just spotted the BlackBerry Edge One concept phone, rendered by PHConcepts.

Unlike other BlackBerries we’ve seen lately, it’s all display upfront, with a very narrow bottom bezel, just enough for the brand name to appear there. Top and side bezels are ultra narrow and there’s a dual camera in the mix now. The back is probably the more plausible thing, since BB likes to keep things simple and minimalistic.

I see we have a beefy and solid metal frame here and this looks like a handset with good grip. No info on specs or such things, but I expect a Snapdragon 660 inside at least plus 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Oreo is also a must have here, plus the usual DTEK security, BBM and all that jazz. I feel there’s no clear selling point here, so unless the dual camera is amazing or we have some crazy face scanning through the screen, I’ll pass.

[via PHConcepts]

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