Hilti Rugged Phone Rendered by Jungha Lee is Totally Impact-Proof

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Designer Jungha Lee has envisioned the Hilti rugged phone, that seems to be inspired by powertools if you ask me. It’s slightly curved and features a big speaker at the back, plus an integrated bumper, that survives impact easily.

Hilti rugged phone concept 1

The device’s body is assembled using a wrench bolt and there’s also a concave button in the mix, to avoid malfunction. Hilti comes with an anti shock screen, a main camera, an amplified speaker and a safe battery lock. The handset has an extra generous battery and the body is made of a rugged polycarbonate. The bumper area is made of impact-proof stiff plastic and the screen can be used with gloves on.

Hilti rugged phone concept 2

The handset is narrower in the middle and wider at the top and bottom, so it’s easier to grip and hold in the hand. Judging by the designer’s notes, Hilti is a powertool and drill brand, standing out through the combo of red and black. I’d surely like to see this model tested in hardcore drops and smashes.

Hilti rugged phone concept 5

Hilti rugged phone concept 3

[via junghalee.com]

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