Samsung Wei Chi Conceptual Cellphone is Something I Don’t Understand

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Paul Chen, a designer from China has created the following concept, the Samsung Wei Chi. Since it’s a project from 2007, we may as well have covered it in the past, but it certainly looks unique. Since there’s no clear explanation of what’s going on here, I can say we don’t quite understand how this can be used as a phone.

Samsung Wei Chi concept phone 1

This means we can speculate on this handset-cube. From what I can see it unwraps from the cube form factor into a series of surfaces, each with its own hinge. Three key pillars are clearly involved: transparency, modularity and minimalism. I imagine the core of the phone are two of those squares combined, let’s see three, making a sort of flip phone.

Samsung Wei Chi concept phone 3

The others would simply attach in modular fashion and add extra functionality to the device. I can’t quite figure out what those black and white dots are, but I suppose they’re connection mechanisms. Really, it’s all me speculating in the dark here, so feel free to comment on this concept below. The designer is obviously invited to chip in.

Samsung Wei Chi concept phone 2

[via Behance]

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