HoloFlex is a Cool Holographic Flexible Phone, That Gets Demoed on Video

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With the recent rumors saying that Samsung could come up with a so called Galaxy X next year, that will bring a flexible 4K display, it’s no wonder we’re so fascinated with similar projects. One of them is the HoloFlex, a cool holographic flexible phone, that’s demoed below.

HoloFlex holographic flexible smartphone project (1)

Queen’s University Human Media Lab from Ontario, Canada have developed what they call the “world’s first holographic flexible smartphone”. The device comes with a 1920 x 1080 Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode touchscreen display, able to render 3D images and videos, that multiple people can view at the same time without having the need to use those pesky glasses.

HoloFlex holographic flexible smartphone project (2)

HoloFlex lets one interact with the smartphone in new ways, without offering any restriction in the way. The device is able to render images into 12 pixel circles, that are projected through a 3D printed microlens array, made of over 16,000 fisheye lenses. The result is not hugely impressive, as you get a 160 by 104 resolution 3D image, but you can check it out from any angle, by rotating the phone.

The side of the screen can be bent and this translates to interactions like pulling the slingshot in Angry Birds.

HoloFlex holographic flexible smartphone project (1)

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