The Hook Bracelet Phone Concept Runs Windows Phone in a New Format

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Windows Phone is the kind of OS that pretty much explains the hardware platform it’s on: handsets. It can however pop up on the occasional bracelet or watch concept, like the one shown here. Created by Mindaugas (Gus) Petrikas, The Hook is a bracelet phone with Windows Phone 8 on board.

Hook bracelet phone concept 1

This is basically a smartphone that can twist and bend around your wrist and be worn that way. It has a curved shaped and it kind of reminds me of the Microsoft arc mouse. The screen seems pretty crisp and it has a very small bezel. The belt bundled with the phone is pretty fashionable and sturdy and I totally dig that cool Home button.

The device comes in a few colors and it’s incredibly thin, for a unit that should house a CPU, storage, RAM and possibly a camera. Would you see this device on your hand? As Windows Phone evolves, it’s expected to branch out, with formats like these included.

[via Coroflot]