Icon One Smartphone Concept is Metallic, Edge to Edge, Revolutionary

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There hasn’t been a company yet to pioneer a REAL edge to edge display on smartphones, although Motorola has tried that with a few of its models. Now LG Optimus G2 is said to go that way, but till then designer Jsus sent us his latest work: the Icon One smartphone.

Icon One smartphone concept

This design goes the edge to edge display way and also adopts a thin metallic chassis. This fancy model reminds me of those Bang & Olufsen concept handsets or maybe a fashion phone of sorts. As you can see, we’ve got upper side and lower side speakers, a front camera that’s very discretely integrated and a clear delimitation of the upper and lower edges from the rest of the handset’s body.

For some reason, the phone feels very light to me, but it may just be an impression. Since Jsus usually creates Sony concepts, I have to say I would see this as a futuristic Xperia smartphone, one packing a 5 inch 1600p display, 8 core CPU and 26 megapixel camera. Is this the future?

[Thanks Jsus]