IUNI U4 is a Slightly Curved Concept Phone, With 6 GB of RAM

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IUNI is a brand I’ve heard before once or twice, a Chinese firm that’s under Gionee’s wing. They’re preparing a new phone and they only have a concept of this flagship so far. It’s called IUNI U4 and it’s pictured below, with very high end specs.

IUNI U4 concept phone 6 GB RAM (7)

It’s strange to see a modern flagship adopting 3 capacitive buttons nowadays, but it happens… What’s really odd is that curved, very slim body involved here plus the strange little round thing at the bottom back. It may be the logo or some other feature. I also like the UI on the IUNI U4 very much and look forward to hearing more about this ROM.

IUNI U4 concept phone 6 GB RAM (6)

When seem from the bottom the device feels like it takes a page from the Moto X and Moto G book, from the current and the last year generation. Coming with up to 6 GB of RAM, this smartphone also brings up to 128 GB of storage, a 5.2 inch Full HD screen, a 13 megapixel main camera and an USB Type C port.  A Snapdragon 820 CPU provides the processing power here.  There’s also a 4 GB of RAM version with $305 price tag and the 6 GB RAM one goes for $382.

Take everything with a grain of salt.

IUNI U4 concept phone 6 GB RAM (5)

IUNI U4 concept phone 6 GB RAM (4)

IUNI U4 concept phone 6 GB RAM (3)

IUNI U4 concept phone 6 GB RAM (2)

IUNI U4 concept phone 6 GB RAM (1)

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