HTC Zeta and HTC Abori Get Rendered With Old School Designs

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I knew the HTC Zeta concept was familiar! Originally spotted in 2011, this model adopts a design that nowadays would be considered unusual. It’s accompanied in the image below the HTC Abori, created by the same designer, Clement Servonnat.

HTC Zeta HTC Abori concept

The Zeta has a curved edge for a more ergonomic hold, while the Abori packs a kickstand for improved video watching, like the HTC HD 7 had. The design of the HTC Zeta reminds me of an All in One PC, particularly the top side, while the whole camera area is a bit overkill. The bottom portion feels like a continuation of the AIO idea, while the front is a bit unrealistic, unless you’re Sharp Aquos.

HTC Abori has an interesting camera with dual LED flash and its back angularity has a racing car feel, that the Acer Predator or ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition provided. Interesting placement of the speaker by the way. Also, when seen from the side at least one of these models feels like a Nokia N8…

[via Behance]

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