Jan-Roelof de Vries Imagines “The Watch”, With a Bendable Screen in the Mix

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Hard to be surprised by a smarwatch anymore, but let’s give this a try. Created by Jan-Roelof de Vries, The Watch is a smartwatch design concept that involves a bendable display, so it can be used as both a smartphone and a watch. Here it is:

The Watch concept 1

This model has a camera, an OLED display, a magnetic connection and a calendar notification, among others. We’ve got a vertically scrolling menu and a Quickmenu filled with toggles at the bottom area of the screen. The whole thing measures just 5.98 mm in thickness and the camera is discretely placed at the top of the body. The UI scrolls pretty much like a list would on the screen of a smartphone and the UI is in all black and white.

The Watch is a glossy piece of bendable material, posssibly plastic OLED and more plastic material. It seems to fit on the hand like a bracelet, with a small opening left at the back, for extra confort. There aren’t many shots of this concept shown as a smartphone, but from what I can tell, the device becomes straight and not flexible anymore and it resembles some of the fixed phones out there.

The Watch concept 2

The Watch concept 3

The Watch concept 4

[via Behance]

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