Jared Thompson Designs a Bauhaus-Inspired Handset, Resembles Samsung Soul

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You must have noticed Jared Thompson’s last piece of work and now we’ve got new stuff from the designer, a concept phone inspired from Bauhaus and using the same keypad layout as Samsung Soul.

This is a very simple device with a touchpad underneath the screen and interchanging menu options, plus a conventional keypad sliding out from underneath.


The icons on the phone’s touchscreen panel can change according to the functions you’re using, so you’ll be able to select items more easily. With the keypad closed, this device is very compact and not at all bulky in your pocket.

Also, we learn that the handset makes an excellent MP3 player, even rivaling the likes of Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. Its touchscreen plays the role of an LED screen for an MP3 player and in case you’re interested in the designer’s portofolio, here it is.




[Thanks Jared]