Ku! Stylish Phone Concept Forms Switches and Buttons on Its Touchscreen

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3D images, holograms, tiny embedded projectors… this is what we get to see on the latest concept phones, that have gone way past the idea of a normal display or a touchscreen. Ilya Tkach created a neat concept phone, known as Ku! that uses a giant flexible OLED screen that can produce buttons and wipers by passing an electric current through the display.


The Ku! phone forms keys on the surface of the handset for particular apps and also supports feedback according to the user’s presses, imitating the analog control solutions. The OLED display is also an energy-saving one and the phone is quite ergonomic and comfortable to use.

At the back of the Ku! there’s a stand, used to place the device as an alarm clock, photo frame, even OLED lamp, if you want to be really fancy.




[via Tuvie]