Jermaine Smit Imagines an “Hourglass Design” Phone

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Jermaine Smit, the creator of some nifty Samsung Galaxy S and Note concepts has envisioned a new smartphone, this time one with a faux leather texture at the back and with an unusual form factor. While most modern devices are rectangular, this one is shaped a bit like an hourglass.

Jermaine Smit smartphone concept 3

If my metaphor isn’t enough, this “hourglass” means that the edges are curved inwards instead of outwards. The handset doesn’t have a branding, but the faux leather thing makes me think of Samsung. This looks like a pretty big device and seems to have a powerful flash. Its bezels are very small, so the edge to edge approach is present here. The camera sensor seems to be pretty big and we also seem to get a bunch of sensors upfront.

Jermaine Smit’s design is very slim and sleek, plus the lower and upper areas are rounded. What do you make of this render? I’d see it in LG’s backyard, or maybe Samsung or why not a player like Alcatel or Huawei? Nobody dares to go beyond the rectangular design nowadays, not the Lumias, Xperias, Galaxies and iPhones…

Jermaine Smit smartphone concept 4

Jermaine Smit smartphone concept 5

Jermaine Smit smartphone concept 1

Jermaine Smit smartphone concept 2

[Thanks Jermaine Smit]

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