Lazy Thumb Phone Gives Your Laziness a Chance

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The designer of this concept, Koo Ho Shin describes it as a “voice activated cellphone” and you should believe him, because the device doesn’t feature number or letter keys. Instead it has only 3 buttons and you’ll rely on tactility in order to communicate while using this phone.


Lazy Thumb allows 2 types of communication: person to person or person to device. What you see on the phone’s front surface are 3 sliding Polycarbonate plates that embed OLED screens. There’s also an LCD display beneath them showing you text messages, directions or whatever textual feedback you need.

Here’s a diagram below, showing how the panels work: the first one’s used for calling, the second for checking out the missed calls, while the third allows you to check your voice mail.


The concept also applies to other devices, that come in all shapes and sizes, as you can see in the following image:


[via Coroflot and Yanko Design]