Ico Phone, Ideal Companion for the Kindergarten Attender

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First day at the new kindergarten? In case your child is feeling separated from the rest of the kids and he needs you, the Ico phone comes to your aid, allowing parents to reach their children and comfort them, when they’re feeling lonely. Based on a touchscreen that shows vivid emoticons, this concept phone for kids might as well be next best thing after the Tamagotchi era.


Ico has power/scroll buttons on top and a rubber back that increases grip and impact durability. The device also includes a speaker and an a/c power adapter, keeping it really simple and childish, in a good way.

Using Ico, your child can send you a “kiss” icon during the lunch break and it even gets a phone number, assigned by your service provider, so that it can receive voice mails and allow the kid to send/receive text messages.


[via Coroflot]