Luna Phone is Minimalistic/Idealistic and a Feature Phone With Stylish LEDs

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Usually we cover concepts of smartphones, but today we have a glance at a feature phone render, created by Jorge Arbelo Cabrera. Dubbed Luna Phone, the device is very stylish and hugely minimalistic. It has a series of backlight LEDs and its back side works as a simple screen.

Luna Phone concept 1

It shows the phone numbers and messages and there are no buttons here, which is the interesting part. You can write on the touchpad, call, save new contacts, write messages, all of that by using a special touchpad below the area with backlight LEDs. It’s all based on drawing symbols, so you draw a plus for a new contact, draw letters and symbols for input and call numbers and that’s that.

Drawing each letter isn’t exactly a fast method to get your message across, as the Nokia Z launcher has shown, but it’s certainly different, right? Now, if you could draw groups of letters that would be something, but I doubt it…

Luna Phone concept 2

Luna Phone concept 3

Luna Phone concept 4

[via Behance]

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