Meizu Note 8 Takes a New Approach to the Camera Area

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Meizu changed the game a bit, when they introduced the Meizu Pro 6 handset, with its brand new antenna design, that pre empted the iPhone 7 one (top and bottom antennae). Now we have a new approach to the design of the back side, that is inaugurated with the Meizu Note 8. The device is just a concept for now, a Michael Muleba creation.

Meizu Note 8 has a clean chassis design, as the designer calls it. It’s also “truly dust proof and waterproof”, going to great lengths and depths than other phones. There’s an illuminating Meizu logo at the back and front, which also works as the dual fingerprint scanner. It lets you use the device when you feel you need it. Specs include a 6 inch screen, dual 14 MP camera and 8 GB of RAM.

The back side feels a bit like a throwback to the Meizu Pro 6, only with a more angular approach and a differently oriented camera. I’m not sure if placing the two sensors so far apart would benefit the capture (probably not). This is a very slim device, perhaps the slimmest with a back made of glass, to be honest. If you really let the renders sink in, you’ll grow to love the back camera.

No need to say it, but upfront we’ve got an edge to edge screen. Fancy, right?

[via Michael Muleba]

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