Meizu Pro 6 Concept Envisions a Galaxy S7 Edge-Inspired Future for the Company

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Meizu is among the top smartphone players from China who didn’t launch a new flagship phone this year, or a model that matters in any big way. That’s why the Meizu Pro 6 concept below is all the more impressive, although it borrows one or two cues from existing phones.

Meizu Pro 6 concept 1

Seen from the bottom and sides this model is a dead ringer for the Galaxy S7 Edge and even for the Vivo Xplay 5 Elite. We’ve got curved corners, a discrete metal frame and a display that curves onto the sides. This model is supposed to follow the Meizu Pro 5, that debuted in September last year with an Exynos 7420 processor, a pretty potent CPU to be fair.

Meizu Pro 6 concept 2

Now if Meizu is still on good terms with Samsung they may borrow their Exynos 8890, or maybe they’ll use a new MediaTek chipset, like the Helio X25. The display on board is said to have Force Touch support and I have to say that Flyme OS looks interesting here, albeit the icons are a bit too big for a Quad HD Screen.

One thing I must mention is that the Meizu Pro 6 concept feels a tad wider than the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Meizu Pro 6 concept 3

Meizu Pro 6 concept 4


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