Multimedia Concept Phone Slides, Plays Media, Connects to Everything…

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Such a small device packing so many features… These days we find every imaginable feature on concept phones, either related to input, media and even software. This time we’re treated with a fine example of such a neat device, a concept design created by Jakub Lekeš, whose work you can admire below:



This multimedia concept phone is a slider that comes with a touchscreen display going all the way to the outer rim and touch-based keys. The lateral side of the display will show the user the audio controls/equalizer/useful info. There’s also quite a variety of ports to connect with, on the side of the device, so you’ll hook it to tons of other gadgets, concepts or not.

Underneath the display, there’s a sliding touch QWERTY keyboard with nav keys included and on the specs list of the phone you’ll also find a 4.3 megapixel autofocus camera with digital zoom support. It probably does video recording as well…





[via Design Launches]