OnePlus 6 is Here, Courtesy of Concept Creator; Moves Fingerprint Scanner in Power Button

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Concept Creator is keeping busy these days, by rendering excellent new designs, such as the one below. We’re dealing with the OnePlus 6 here, a 2018 flagship with a bright future ahead. It’s got a fresh design and a moved fingerprint scanner.

Now instead of being placed at the back or front, it’s within the Power button, just like we’ve seen on Xperias for a few years now. The metal frame really has personality here, while the circular pattern of the back reminds me of the ZenFones. This feels a bit thick for a modern phone, but it may just be the fault of the angle I’m seeing it from.

It seems to take a metal unibody approach and I’m sure that this time OnePlus will finally make their phone waterproof. I like the extra grippy texture of the Silent button and the vertically oriented dual back camera, with a discrete protrusion. If you ask me, this feels like a hybrid between one of the latest Nokias and latest ASUS ZenFones, sans glass back.

The curved and narrow bezel screen is of course present. I’m loving this OnePlus 6 concept, particularly in the red hue. Which one’s your favourite?

[via Concept Creator]

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