Samsung Galaxy S9 Render Envisioned by Benjamin Geskin

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After all those Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks, it’s high time we saw a render. Benjamin Geskin is on the case, making a render of the device and a pretty competent and realistic one. Let’s check it out!

So, first thing I noticed is that the device is 90% inspired by the Galaxy S8. It cuts down the top and bottom bezels a bit, but keeps the side and corner curvature. The most noticeable cut is in the “chin” area. They also only left enough room at the top to have the earpiece and front camera. The back side features a glass surface that’s also curved on the sides.

There’s a dual camera here and the fingerprint scanner has been moved from the side to below the camera area. Hopefully it’s a more inspired placement than on the S8 and Note 8. I find it interesting that the Note 8 had a horizontally oriented dual camera, but the Galaxy S9 goes with a dual camera with vertical orientation.

Not sure what the selling point or innovation is here, but I’m sure there’s some AI trick up Samsung’s sleeve.

[via Benjamin Geskin]

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